Sunday, September 23, 2007

Note To Banshee - Be Careful What You Wish For

Earlier today, the crunchies bowls in the kitchen were, well, semi-empty. When the human passed through, Banshee was plaintively standing watch beside "her" bowl, so the human emptied the other semi-empty bowls into hers, and went on about her business. A few minutes later, back in the kitchen, there is Banshee absolutely unmoved, unmoving, the now full crunchies bowl absolutely untouched, and reproach absolutely precipitating out of the air... So the human gets out a new bag of crunchies, fills up all the bowls, and as Banshee, satisfied, begins to crunch and munch, Cyrrie shows up to share "her" bowl, even though other bowls are available. Amazingly they manage to share very nicely - choreographed eating!


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