Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Record Number Of Squirrels

5, as in five...!

Living In Houses

Last night Buddy and his human listened to the rain. Buddy: Rain is wet and cold, but it gave you water to drink. Being warm and dry is nicer, especially if you have a human to keep your fountain filled...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Poetry Blogging

Tonight, as I drove the brief distance from the grandhuman's to home, the jus- past-full(?) moon was in and out of sight in a cloud ripp0lede sky... All I could think of/hear was Phil Ochs adaptation of The Highwayman - a poem I'd loved as a child and then loved as his song.... I think I remembered most of the verses.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Petting Deficit?

Usually - although it's a bit like juggling - I can pet at least 3 cats/"kittens" at once. This am, however, I was holding Cloud when Angel came in looking jealous. Now, holding Cloud is a complicated maneuver: one arm supports her, but - distrustful little thing that she is - the other is her monkey bar - she clings with all 4 limbs and her quite prehensile tail, totally trapping me until she decides it's time to let go. Sorry, Angel, I say - I'll pet you at the first available opportunity. After staring in horrified disbelief for a few moments, Angel departs, disgusted. A little while later, Cloud, sated for the time being with the sweet talk and the kisses, releases me, and I go into the bedroom to get dressed. As I sit on the side of the bed, Angel comes racing in - up he jumps and flops immediately, so that half of him is hanging precariously off the edge. He just looks at me: un-petted, he has obviously lost the will to live. So pathetic.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Extra 'Toonya

Why not?
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Aka Princess Petunnia the Perfect and Precious, Petunnia-Petunnia and Tyger-Gurl...
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Bird Watching

Nubia and the Droid...
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Snoozy Buddy

And suspicious Angel? This is not typical (of Angel, that is)...
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Lucy Sez

All you laundry is belong me!
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There She Goes!

Dimension X, Watch out!
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Wait for it...!
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And, she is not war...!
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Scratching = Ecstacy!

Human - w/ ecsema (or similar) empathizes...
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I can't even find the comment that I want to answer! But even though it's been a while, I want you to know that your story about that poor little feral - you and your neighbor feeding him (her?), trying to save him when he was sick, and finally bringing him back home to be buried in between the people who cared for him - such kindness! And in such a world! And for someone so small most would overlook him completely. Just know I carry that around in my heart and mind as a spark of light in a generally dark time, although I don't mean dark personally... Love to La Casa, L

Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Blogging

Human and Grandhuman went to the cemetery, and afterwards came to spend time with cats and "kittens"... Cloud put in the first appearance, seriously kissing Grandhuman's fingers. (Nibbling apparently did not occur, which was maybe a good thing.) Then came Cyrrie: Food? Food?? Then the AreToo, Nubia, Angel and - eventually - Lucy. The no-shows were 'Toonya and the Budster, for reasons of their own. (Points will be taken.)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Pics!


And window sill - needs painting...
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Aka Laundry-sitter...
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Blankie Heaven

Sitting on new jacket and Mom's favorite sweater...
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The A Team

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Old Pics:

Cyrrie And Foot

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Carpet still needs sweeping...!
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Angel And The Nubie

A, that is, Nubia...
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Gorgeous Cloudling

Carpet needs sweeping!
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Snoozy 'Toonya

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Grumble Blogging

Today, inspired by incredibly beautiful pictures of ThePoliticalCat's Gustav, Gojira and Zingiber, I decided to take some pictures of my own... First the batteries for the camera had to be recharged, and second that took forever! Third, I found out that I had to upgrade to Picassa 3.6! By the time all that happened, the good light was gone - but here are still a few new pics and a few that were stored in the camera - if it works!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Update On Christy

We heard this afternoon that her surgery went well... Keep up the love, etc.!