Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Petting Deficit?

Usually - although it's a bit like juggling - I can pet at least 3 cats/"kittens" at once. This am, however, I was holding Cloud when Angel came in looking jealous. Now, holding Cloud is a complicated maneuver: one arm supports her, but - distrustful little thing that she is - the other is her monkey bar - she clings with all 4 limbs and her quite prehensile tail, totally trapping me until she decides it's time to let go. Sorry, Angel, I say - I'll pet you at the first available opportunity. After staring in horrified disbelief for a few moments, Angel departs, disgusted. A little while later, Cloud, sated for the time being with the sweet talk and the kisses, releases me, and I go into the bedroom to get dressed. As I sit on the side of the bed, Angel comes racing in - up he jumps and flops immediately, so that half of him is hanging precariously off the edge. He just looks at me: un-petted, he has obviously lost the will to live. So pathetic.


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