Sunday, May 30, 2010

Angel And The Nubie

A, that is, Nubia...
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Blogger ThePoliticalCat said...

What, their feuds are *over*? Wow. They look so comfortable and happy together. Well, Angel does. Nubia looks as if she's contemplating using that dangly paw for something ... mean.

8:51 PM  
Blogger ThePoliticalCat said...

Well, she is the noob of teh household. :)

8:51 PM  
Blogger Lizzy said...

She is still something of a smacker, alas, and a smackee - horrible scab on her nosie right at the moment, but she's still evolving into the family. She must have had it really hard before she got here - but she's come a long way. And now she's the first one meet me at the door, and the first one to brush my legs in the morning.

9:47 PM  
Blogger ThePoliticalCat said...

Poor little thing. The thought of her hugely pregnant and starving, out on the streets on her own, is simply horrible. Yet, looking at her so fat and sleek and calmly curled up with Angel, one can only marvel. Ya did good, lady. Ya took care of teh gurl. She'll be fine, Bastet bless you both.

8:25 PM  

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