Monday, February 15, 2010

LOL Moment

Background info: Last week, on a day when the temp got above freezing, I tossed a few oldish/dryish clementines out into the back yard, thinking that just maybe something - excuse me, someone - might come along and eat them. But it didn't happen, and for a couple of days there were the bright orange clementines fluorescing against the grey... Then it snowed, and they were gone. Then the snow started to melt. This morning I went out with the bird seed and came back in to watch the birdies come - but they didn't! Looking around to try and figure out why, I noticed - at the very peak of my garage roof - a bright orange ball. Huh? And then it got better: one of our phat squirrels was running about the garage roof, looking for enemies or similar that finally just weren't there - finally he ascended to the point and began to feast with great enjoyment on frozen clementine. Go figure. (And did any cats or "kittens" enjoy this lol w/ me? Alas, no - the lazy, spoiled sillies....)


Blogger ThePoliticalCat said...

Too tired and sleepy to post anymore, but will be back tomorrow! Los Gatos de mi Casa send their purrs to their 922 cousins! And affectionate licks, pats, and nibbles to dear Lizzy.

3:08 AM  

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