Friday, November 02, 2007

Miss Guilty Escapes!

Leaves behind electromagnetic disturbance...!
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Blogger ThePoliticalCat said...

And what a very clean pair of heels she's showing! Pretty thing. What new sin has she committed, pray tell.

1:48 AM  
Blogger Sandy-LA 90034 said...

Great picture! A lucky shot and very interesting lighting.

1:37 PM  
Anonymous mismn said...

Sandy, good luck with your upcoming surgery. Over the years, my mother, father, and sister have had cataract surgery in one or both eyes and they all were very pleased with the results. I will be thinking good wishes in your direction on Monday!

(I lost my regular access to a computer a few months ago, so I can only "check in" here once a week or so. I think this is my last visit before your surgery. I look forward to good reports from you the next time I'm here!)

love from mismn and Pinky

8:49 PM  
Blogger Hokule'a Kealoha said...

Looks like Cloud, am I right... with lightning flashing in her wake

1:06 AM  
Blogger Sandy-LA 90034 said...

mismn and pinky:

THANK YOU for your good wishes. I'm glad for the reassurance you and others have given. I'll still be glad to get this month over with, though.

My Mom is happy to be back at her PEO Retirement Home in the Health Unit and we think that she'll make more progress there, even though the expense is horrendous (they don't take Medicare). Her friends come visit her and she's happy to eat in the dining room with them.

1:12 AM  

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