Monday, October 12, 2009

Way Early This Morning

So early, in fact, it's a wonder I remember it... But, here goes: There's a footstool in the bathroom, to help arthritic 'Toonya into the bathtub, where the best water for drinking - and spilling - is located. Today it was occupied by the Cloudling, who was peering over the edge of the tub and - most unhappily - viewing the Droidling, of whom she sometimes (ok, frequently) disapproves. To make matters worse, in dances the Nubie, with disrespect and probably worse in mind. You remember the old rock song, Killer Queen - "dynamite with a laser beam" - well, it was before Nubia's time, but she got the message just the same and did a u turn as Cloud scorched her with those special Cloud eye-beams... (AreToo, too, decided discretion was in order at least just this once.)


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