Sunday, November 29, 2009

Blogging Lite Tonight

Human really did not intend to spend her 4 day Thanksgiving break being sick, but that was pretty much the way it happened:
On Thursday morning, the human used a brief spurt of energy to bake a (mostly) home-made pumpkin pie - Cloud helped by licking at the unbaked pie crust (thank goodness this was only for family)...
One morning AreToo first scared me and then made me laugh - so intent was he on bird watching that he toppled right off the dresser, and, obviously unhurt, so intent was he on bird watching that he didn't even go through the who-me-I meant-to-do-that-when-in-doubt-wash-routine - just jumped back up and looked back out the window.
Ms Nubia continues to mellow - she's gained a fair amount of weight - not that I'd call her plump yet - and her fun is absolutely gorgeous. She and Angel play together the most, which is probably a relief to everyone else...
Hope everyone had a good holiday! More to come...


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