Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday Mornng Therapy Blogging

  • I set the alarm in order to be able to go to church this morning, but after a bad night - couldn't get warm no matter what I wore or how many blankies I piled on the bed - and getting up to see how yesterday's rain was today's ice - I decided to stay in instead.
  • I am actually longing for a big mug of hot cocoa and whipped cream, but have had to settle for coffee (black). Does Swiss Miss deliver?
  • Christmas Eve blogging, cont.: We had the grandhuman over for dinner, and they were "good" in that everybody put in an appearance. Cloud and Cyrrie reverted to kittenhood and were all over the poor grandhuman - of course food was involved. I had pictured a nice quiet time sitting by the fire, sipping champagne and nibbling on snacks. Snacks such as salmon spread and chunks of smoked salmon. You see the problem... I probably should have thought that through a little more. On the other hand, it probably wouldn't have made much difference. Food! Real food! said Cyrrie to his sister, while the human said, No, get down, be good, and while the grandhuman kept feeding them licks of spread and bits of salmon and even broke up a cracker for them, which they ate. (Cloud was also mesmerized by the champagne bubbles in the old fashioned hollow stem glasses...)


Anonymous mismn said...

"Rain to ice" is reason enough to stay indoors, for sure, but I'm sorry to hear you're cold at night. One thing that really helps me: socks. Not the same socks you wore all day, but a nice dry pair, preferably thick, and loose so they don't constrict your circulation. -Of course, if you are going through contortions to share your blankets with all 922 cats, that could be part of the problem.

I have been known to make hot milk with honey and vanilla as a substitute for hot cocoa... for me it was not as disappointing as the swiss-miss...

Wishing warmth of the holidays to you and the grandhuman and all the crew!


1:19 AM  
Blogger Lizzy said...

Hey, mismn - Happy Near Year! It was so nice to see your name when I checked my email... I, too, have special sleeping sox - the other night they just weren't working, I guess. But had totally forgotten about the hot milk, honey and vanilla recipe - a friend from college taught me that and you're right, it is delish! Hope you've had a great holiday, and best wishes for 2010 (which I can't quite wrap my brain around yet...).

11:28 AM  

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