Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nubia Update

Every time I mentally get ready to post "We're all getting along!" or similar, She does something totally unacceptable, like nuking the sainted senior Petunnia... (Alright, it was a mini-nuking, but still.) Tonight, though, she and Angel were so cute together that I decided to go for it: FancyFeasting all together. And there were no incidents. None. Yay!
Although perhaps this should have been the other way round: Would you like to know exactly how cute were Nubia and the Angel? (Rhetorical ?, of course you would.) Right after I came home, she was in the hall and he was in the doorway to the bedroom. She batted his tail (not a smack! not even a so-so swat) and he did... nothing. She batted again. Again, nothing. Then she tapped his back toesies. Still nothing. Finally she gave up and rolled around looking flirtatious....


Blogger qiron said...

What a girl! Angel must be tickled pink.

1:36 PM  

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