Thursday, August 06, 2009

Just How Smart Is She?

The grandhuman said she was way smart! Noticed everything / was interested in everything... & Dr. Kelly said how smart, as the Nubie watched her prepare the safety-net mites treatment and the ointment for the yeast infection... Tonight the human was in the computer room, using, of all things, the computer. She was in the garden window, all relaxed and looking out, when Angel came in and got up on the bookcase to look out the other window.... At first she didn't notice, and the human was all like, Whew! But then she did. When she came over to Angel's window the human fended her off. But little Miss-Smarty-Pants didn't even hesitate: She knew her turf - that the pie-safe opened on the sides; she went behind the books and came out by the window bookcase where Angel first hissed indignantly, then "booked" (as it were).....


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