Monday, August 03, 2009

Some Nubia Blogging

(I had to wait until she got down from my lap, just now.) (She's been incredibly sweet - to me, that is - ever since we went back to the vetz - like she finally trusts this is home...)
Nubia I
Late Saturday night I was sitting cross-legged in bed reading, with Angel snoozing a few inches from my knees. She arrived, and I was nervous for Angel's sake. Very delicately she worked her way into the tiny space between me and Angel, curled up and went to sleep. Angel of course had woken up, and like me watched the whole process with justifiable apprehension. But he didn't move away. I had to lean over to measure the gap between them. It was zero. They were firmly up against each other. I went back to reading, but glanced that way every so often. That's how I know that Angel, too, went back to snoozing but occasionally opened one eye just in case...
Nubia II
When I went to bed Sunday night Lucy followed and settled in beside me, not sleeping but just hangin' with her human. Angel followed, curled up on a pillow, and you could just see the z's swirling around in his little brain. Then Petunnia came in - was not exactly thrilled to see Lucy in a prime position, but decided to put up with it. Then Cyrrie occupied his usual spot at the foot of the bed; AreToo came in and settled on a dresser, and finally Buddy came up on the bed, which made Petunnia crabby so everyone was tense for a bit. When all the personal space issued had been resolved, I realized that Nubia was also in the room, on a different dresser than the Droid. At first all I could think was, 7! In one room at one time! Not a first, but not all that usual, either. And then I realized that almost all of them were watching Nubie, so intently you'd think they'd been hypnotised. She was washing, completely oblivious. The one who wasn't watching? Angel. Completely oblivious in his own snoozy way...


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