Monday, September 07, 2009

Fall Cleaning Blogging

I cleaned out a couple of drawers in the computer room today - heaven knows how long it'd been since I'd looked in them. I found a few vhs movies (original Big Sleep, LOTR, Bladerunner) which I'll take into the Library, but more importantly some cat toys, never taken out of their baggies: feathery things, and those little springy sticks, and a big bag of organic catnip, which I remembered searching for, unsuccessfully. I opened it and sniffed. Hmm, I thought, stale. But when I asked their opinion, the guys were totally enthusiastic, so I spread large quantities about and watched them "enjoy" - I even have some pics...


Blogger ThePoliticalCat said...

Oh rats, I gotta do some fall cleaning too. Pshaw. Organic 'nip, eh? Must go look for some. The children look so pleased wiv it!

2:20 PM  

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