Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Actually All This Happened Yesterday

Cloud Blogging
Human dressed in black yesterday, whoops! First she spent about 5 min with the rolly-sticky. Then she forgot and carried a whole load of freshly dried laundry upstairs! More time with the rolly-sticky. (Do they have an actual name??) Then the human picked up and cuddled the Cloudling! Back to square one!
Human - working on the dining room table - was trying to transfer some large egg noodles into a glass jar - not entirely successfully. Cloud, Cyrrie and AreToo all watched with great interest, but only Cloud actually tried to eat the dry noodle chips. (Human intervened, of course.)
Right before leaving for work, human spent some time loving on the Cloud; Cloud spend some time drooling (copiously) on the human. I read a while ago that some of them forget to swallow when they purr. Hence...


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