Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Flirty Angel

Angel does this thing, catching my eye or sometimes sinking a claw into my leg to get my attention, then pivoting off and heading to the bedroom. There he sprawls out on the bed, the better to be petted and kissed and so forth. We can do this many times in a single morning. This morning Buddy was already on the bed when Angel got there, so while Angel arranged himself in the farthest corner (he always does that) I stopped to give Buddy a kiss first. Oh, noes! Buddy got Angel's kiss! So Angel demanded - and got - extra kisses. Many of them. Many, many...


Blogger Sandy-LA 90034 said...

Lizzy, dear, I was just catching up on your recent posts and read about how exhausted and stressed out you have been lately. I've had a similar time with stress, which is why you haven't had any comments from me.

I hope life smooths out for you soon! I hope the 922 babes are taking good care of you, at home, at least.

Recently I mentioned decorating for fall, but I don't think I said how much you were an influence on me (from last year). I decided to put a few pumpkins around to bring the fall season into the house. It's a helpful reminder of the season, especially when we get 100 degree temperatures outside!

Also, if I'm feeling anxious or stressed, when I come home I get a jolt of good feeling just seeing the decorations.

Take care of yourself!

1:52 AM  
Blogger Lizzy said...

Oh, Sandy - I am submerged in guilt! Not only have I not posted since last Wednesday, I saw you comment on Friday - was so happy - and still didn't pull myself together to respond... In my defense I can say that I worked Saturday, Sunday, and, of course, today, and of course, tomorrow - a 10 hr day - but there have to be priorities, don't you agree? Like cat-blogging.... I was sorry to hear you'd been down lately, and pleased about your decorating! (More than I've done this Fall, I confess). How's it going now?? (Inestis? Sounds kinky, or something.)

6:04 PM  

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