Sunday, October 25, 2009

Windows Blogging (Not The Microsoft Kind)

There are 2 windows in the bedroom - the one we photograph, where cats and "kittens" cluster to bird watch - and one right against the bed. I keep the blind down on that one and the curtains pulled, on account of my neighbor's house being like 6 feet away... Angel, however, likes that window: he especially likes it in the middle of the night - when he makes all sorts of noise as he squeezes himself behind the mini-blind, and his sleep-deprived human curses and tries to cover them up with pillows. Recently I noticed that the blind there was up about 2 inches, with Angel lying placidly on the bed looking out. My theory is that in playing with the cord (another ongoing dispute between us) he'd managed to adjust the length of the blind, which suited him perfectly....


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