Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve Blogging, Cont.

I decided that an appropriate NYE Day activity would be to clean my bedroom, which is the least cleaned area in our house, for various reasons (including that I'm allergic to dust, and think it's best to let sleeping dust bunnies lie) (I know, I know). It was particularly bad today - dust festuned the corners and the ceiling fan, and I'd been putting off vacuuming in there on account of a lost earring. First stage, strip the bed and move it out from the wall - causing no end of inconvenience to cats and kittens. Second stage, retrieve all the books, newspapers and magazines (and one pillow) that had slipped off the bed since... whenever. Third stage, from underneath, with a dustmop, retrieve all the official and unofficial cats toys - 19 of the first, 4 of the second (pen-top, envelope, throat lozenge and my great aunt's cameo ring, which I hadn't even missed. Stage four, pull the storage boxes (including Lizzie, Strega, Nemo and, now, Banshee the Beautiful). Stage five, vacuum. Stage six, re-make the bed. (Er, try to re-make the bed. How many helpers did I have? Lucy, Petunnia, Angel, AreToo and Cyrrie...)


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